Monday, August 30, 2010


Went to melbourne last August
Had convocation ceremony

Please wait for my updates.

Halal food: Esteller, Bismi
Melbourne airport and surronding:
Melbourne tram system familiarisation:
Melbourne city centre:
Malaysia Hall:


- mostly on
family visit
once a year,
now becoming more regular.
since atuk's departure have to visit nenek often.

Singapore is accessible from Malaysia by many means.
Yaya normally use coaches/buses from Kuala Lumpur.
Flights are easily accessible and we will touch down at Changi Airport
Yaya have also used trains.


Bus fare: about RM110 rtn
if riding Transnational, we will arrive at Lavender Bus Terminal
if riding Bus 88, most likely arrive at rear of Mustafa Centre

Flights: ranging from RM25 to RM600 rtn inclusive, depending on Air Asia/MAS etc and timing. Changi airport is one of the friendliest airports in the world.

Train: from KL Sentral or Station Kuala Lumpur, fare about RM120 to RM160 rtn.
Previously we will arrive at Tanjung Pagar Terminal.

I have never tried sea-faring activities to get to Singapore, but family members from Batam and Bintan have always used the ferry system.


Most MacDonald's restaurant foods are HALAL. So is Burger King.

Many eateries in airport also HALAL.

Where there are many Malay communities, halal foods are abundant.
We normally eat in areas around Bugis,Kampung Glam and Mustafa Centre (Little India).
There is one yongtaufu eatery in the Raffles Hospital building. Just opposite Bugis Station.
We have tried those in Tempines, like chili crabs and all nasi bungkus available
Address Tempines Street 11, behind blocks 136-138.

How to get there: see familiarisation with MRT

more to come:

MRT familiarisation
Buses familiarisation
Places of interest