Saturday, May 8, 2010

Journey Planner I (2-3 years before embarking)

And now, as suggested by one or two friends.

10 Things to do:

1. Get all the cik kiyahs (traveller posse) to agree consensusly on the next destination(s).- normally I would be more dependent upon them than vice versa

2.Browse conference location(s)
-preferably ones that agreeable with all cik kiyahs choices

3. Browse new routes introduced by low-cost carriers/airlines-hopefully we'll get good/competitive rates, hopefully ones that agreeable with cik kiyahs' (I can't emphasise on the roles of cik kiyahs more here)

4. Prepare abstracts and preferably a full paper (a personal note to self)
- this should lead to solving some financial issues

5. Get a very good credit card, preferably one that is issued by Uncle Sam's banks
- based on experiences Malaysian cards never solved any financial problems but rather created them; especially if we are going to mainland China.

6. Start reading how the hierarchy works for Shafie, Hambali, Maliki and Hanafi and in what particular order: Al-Quran, Al-Ahadith, Tabie', Tabie' At-tabieein, Ijma', Qias etc..
- we should always be prepared to temporarily switch our mazhab during our travels. For non Muslim please google denomination of Muslim clerics/imams.

7. Start saving RM200-300 per month
- by the end of the 24/36 months, we'll generate sufficient funds to sustain all 10 days and nights of "fun activities relating to celebrating our total freedom". you know what i mean ;)

8. Start networking with friends/family members who reside in the destination(s) if any
-never too early to plan for cheap/free accommodation and reliable tour guides.

9. Start downloading lonely planets' and islamic finders' directions and guides about our destination(s)

10. Tell and gossip with other prospective cik kiyahs about the so-called planned trip in hope to gather more travel mates
- hard and long prayers for realisation of this dream are of essence at this point.

So what are cik kiyahs tentative destinations for the next 2-3 years:

1. South Africa (2012)
2. Brazil (2013)
3. still open to discussion

More to come: Journey Planner II, III, IV and so on...
Next: CARDIFF and MANCHESTER: an introduction

(p/s: I may need help from Najmi and Ninizainal on these destinations)



  1. Need hands? the only thing i have at the moment is uncle sam's cc, ahahahaaaaa...the 3rd should be north america, or the 1st place :P

  2. najmi,

    nest posting is cardiff..when it's out pls check if correct, otherwise pls update..

    wish me luck, need to study/recall all places hu so long time ago, brain cells are not so powerful as before..

  3. Yes, najmi

    i'm thinking along that mexico in north america?

  4. Yes, geopolitically mexico is part of north america continent :)

    when are you gonna visit cardiff again?