Monday, November 15, 2010


Salam all,

This post is dedicated to my children who are going to the land of Kings and Queens.

Preparation for the trip, on the day of embarking may require attention to the followings:

1. Ensure return tickets are readily printed, with a hard copy held by your travel companion and vise versa.
Passport and hotel reservation copies should always be on your very person, not in the check in luggage, preferably held by your travel companion and vise versa.

2. Pack lightly if you are going to a land where food is plenty.

Pack loads of foodstuff and supplies for the first couple of days only if you are going to a land where finding halal food is a great difficulty. You shall be properly acquainted with halal foodstalls/restaurants if you walk watchfully through the city centre/downtown.

3. Pack loads of lotions or mosturisers if you are heading towards four seasons country.

Most likely these stuff are either expensive in little bottles or not suited to your (sensitive) skin.

4. Share toiletteries.

Except for toothbrushes, it is advisable to share because it reduces the weight of the luggage.

5. Orientate yourselves of the airports, train stations, main bus termini and major tourists attractions.

If you are saving by not staying put in a hotel or hostel, small and medium luggages can be easily temporarily parked at self- or machine-operated luggage storage. This reduces accommodation costs and can be a less costly alternative. Some even have shower facilities and all your grocering needs.

6. Stock some breads (mini buns not the huge loaf) and mini sachets of jam, butter or vegemites in your cabin luggage and handbags.

If you are travelling on Air Asia where there is no-outside food policy, buy some cups of coffee/tea/water/juices to pacify the stewards/esses when you are munching these mini buns secretly behind their backs. This saves loads of money while "on the go" too. Have some Malaysian ringgits in the pockets just in case, even though we have stacks of UK Pounds in the handback. The latter always came handy, whenever we are on Air Asia or Malaysian Airlines.

7. Say prayer a lot.

God answers most of my prayers when I was travelling. By the way, there is always room for praying on the flight if you ask the stewards/esses nicely. And we can always tayyammum using the dirt around the luggage compartments if water is scarce on the plane.

All the best to the blessed children. May your journey be one of the most unforgetful ones in your lifetime. Finally, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTEDs. They will enrich your journey and your very person.


P/S: Coming up, a little hint on Cardiff, London and Manchester....kidari juseyo..

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