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Just briefly, I am sharing with you, all my children my experiences of travelling to Cardiff, London and Manchester.

They may not necessarily be applicable and valid at the time when you arrive in these cities.

Even though I promised myself to pay pilgrimage to my KAMPUNG every 3 years or so, there may gaps and inconsistency in my relating these experiences (1993, 1998, 2005, 2008).

Apologies to all readers too. Things may have changed even while you are reading this.

1. Arrival at Stanstead.

In 2008, travelling via Munich from Athens to Stanstead was smooth even after the September 11. The immigration officer was very interested in my passport because of the previous entries records I had in it. Never say "we are going to study here" if you only plan to pay a visit to a university which has invited you. Never say that "we are going to see and plan the city". You are in for a big huge gigantic chances to be immediately deported from the country.

There was a shuttle bus from Stansted to Victoria (coach) station, servicing every quarter of an hour or so in 2008. I payed about 15 quids for it.

2. At Victoria Station.

This is a station with all the buses or coaches (the Brits called them). To France, to Scotland, to Wales etc., everything is here. In addition to National Express, I also love Greyhounds and Megabus. Fares through the internet were cheap. I got to travel to Cardiff or Manchester or Birmingham using Megabus or NatEx for only one quid on "very good days". On a "bad day", your pocket will be thinner by some 40 quids.

I always had my lunches or dinner, previously near Malaysian Hall on Bryanston Square or Mawar restaurant. But, since MHall has moved, I never got the chance to visit the canteen. Nevertheless, foods are abundant in London. How to get there? Throw a stone along Oxford Street, one must hit a Malay or a Malaysia. Then him/her? Settled foodstuff talks.

My favourite is the Kebab Stall along the pedestrianised street when you come out of the Walthamstow E17 station. On Wednesday, they are the best. Why? I haven't a clue.

3. Cardiff Train Station/Bus Terminal.

From Cardiff Train Bus station, I always took the opportunity to visit Catherine street, previously about 3 halal food outlets. In 2008, only two left. Really enjoyed the fish n chips and kebab there, especially lamb ones.

Previously stayed at De Burgh Street, Lower Cathedral Road, but visited Najmi in 2008 and squatted at her place in Plantegenet Street. In this Riverside area (ward, the Brits called it), there are so many halal food outlets and butchers.

Cardiff's main attraction is the castle, smacked right in the city centre. Queenstreet mall, High street and St. Mary's street are all within walking distance from Cathays (where UNIVERSIY OF CARDIFF is located). Along North Terrace, our main campus and the previously South Glamorgan Council now our departmen are situated. I remember accidentally meeting AZAH ALI at a corner where Miskin, Salisbury and Woodveille streets meet. We bought "AYAM & DAGING" from the butcher, didn't we or we were off to the masjid?

Loved also St. David centre and its surrounds. I reckon the construction has completed where the PRIMARK shop was previously situated. Loved also the small CD shops along this alley. And, mind you, there is a lot of LOVEs going around in the UK. Everyone is LOVE, even the uncle who expertly handled the automated street sweeper.

Well, I need verifications from NAJMI on this post. but as of now, I am off to Manchester. Enjoy.


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